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Florissant, Colorado is a small town located just north of the Florissant Fossil Bed National Forest and about 50 minutes West of Colorado Springs. While the population of Florissant is only 104 residents, those who own Florissant Colorado real estate enjoy the small town lifestyle that comes surrounded by an abundance of nature. A majority of the Florissant homes are owner occupied but typically about 6% of the Florissant real estate are homes for sale in Florissant. The Florissant real estate agent is excited to help anyone who wants to become a part of this small town lifestyle.

How Florissant Began

There is a town in Missouri that also bears the name Florissant, this is because the founder of Florissant Colorado, Judge James Castello grew up in the Missouri town and wanted to name his new town the same since the name originated from the French word that means “to flower or blossom.” Sometime around 1859 miners discovered fossil beds that lie just south of town. These beds are now a national park that is called “Florissant Fossil Beds National Park.” The Florissant home buyer enjoys this historic town that boasts small town living with quality modern real estate in Florissant.

Small Town Parks and Recreation

One of the most recent additions that offer Florissant residents entertainment is the addition of the new, state of the art library. This library offers various multimedia features such as high speed internet, computers and of course, the latest books for all ages to enjoy. There are parks throughout the area as nature is a large part of the lifestyle in this small Colorado Community. Those who are looking for Florissant area homes for sale will find that enjoying nature is the best recreation a person can have in this picturesque town. Most neighborhoods are located along US Highway 24 running east and west or along Teller 1 running north and south.  Properties from one acre to larger are typically available.


Florissant Colorado is located on US Highway 24 in central Colorado. This means that there are a lot of tourists who travel through Florissant and the people who live here try FossilBedsMap.jpgto cater to the guests. While the town itself boasts various small shops that offer an array of items not found anywhere else, the biggest attraction is that of the National Park. Florissant Fossil National Park is home to petrified redwood stumps and insects that date back to the dinosaur era.


While the big concerts and shows are often seen in nearby Colorado Springs or Woodland Park, Florissant is home to more down to earth events, literally. The city hosts events like hikes for your health and Juniper rising, an astronomy program that incorporates a night time 5K dirt run. Everyone who owns, or wants to own, Florissant properties knows that this is a different way of life, it is a way that gets everybody involved and everybody enjoys all things nature has to offer. While Florissant may offer that small town feel, there is always something going on in the community.

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