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Colorado SpringsIf you love the teaming city life, you are going to love Colorado Springs CO it's real estate and lifestyle. Colorado Springs homes are located near gorgeous mountains, and a Colorado Springs home buyer is going to love all the other sights and sounds that the area has to offer. Let's look in-depth at why Colorado Springs real estate is perfect for you and why Colorado Springs homes are worth the investment.


The land that is now known as Colorado Springs was once part of the Kansas Territory and was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. It would be home to the Pikes Peak Gold Rush in 1859 and was instrumental in helping the United States during World War II and during the Cold War. Real estate in Colorado Springs is located near defense installations such as NORAD, NORTHCOM, Fort Carson, Peterson Field and the US Air Force Academy.

Parks and Recreation

SpringsColorado Springs properties are located near some of the largest parks in the state. The Garden of the Gods is a national natural landmark while Red Rock Ranch, Palmer Park and Memorial Park are other notable parks in the area. All of these parks contain natural hiking trails, places to hold family or corporate events as well as community programs that allow everyone to connect with the outdoors in an enjoyable manner.

Colorado Springs also is home to many Neighborhood and Community Parks. Colorado Springs residents do not need to travel far to enjoy one of the many wonderful recreational facilities that the city has to offer.


Homes for sale in Colorado Springs are located near many attractions. If you are a sports fan, you will not have to travel far to see Denver Broncos games, Colorado Avalanche hockey or Colorado Rockies baseball games. University of Colorado - Colorado Springs and Colorado College are two of the largest colleges in the area, and both offer a wide range of degrees and extracurricular opportunities for students to take part in. An active and energetic community, Colorado Springs, is sure to always provide residents with something to do!


Each year, there are several events that are catered to the diverse tastes of Colorado Springs residents. For instance, the Starlight Spectacular is a bike ride organized to provide funding to maintain national and local landmarks in Colorado Springs. There is the Peak or Bust Rodeo, which is one of the more popular and prestigious rodeos in the country. The Balloon Classic, now named the Labor Day Lift Off, will wow you as the sky is transformed by hundreds of hot air balloons being released each Labor Day.

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